The story

"Grocer's IKE" Food Service company was founded in 2018

and operates in privately owned facilities at the 77th km of the new Athens-Lamia National Road, at the industrial area of Thiva, Viotia.

Its scope is to select high-quality food products and supply Distribution Networks and Wholesalers throughout Greece.


"Grocer's IKE" Food Service is a subsidiary of the company

"LOUKOS A. GEORGIOS", which has been operating in Thiva since 1987 and today is providing food and equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes in Central Greece and Evia island.


Grocer's private label products

"Grocer's IKE" gives the name "Grocer's" to a range of selected quality private label products that are manufactured by large factories with excellent specifications and an ideal value for money ratio.

The group of products labeled "Grocer's" include sunflower oil, a blend of oils ideal for deep frying, corn oil, mushrooms, tomato products, milk, sugar, etc.


Other products

At the same time, "Grocer's IKE" has established significant trade agreements with major food companies.
Its scope is to distribute other quality food products, such as frozen potatoes, meat products, cheese, etc.

Its success is due to the search and promotion in the market for other branded products with the same passion as choosing its private label products "Grocer's". This means that, overall, it focuses on the needs of its customers and works to improve their quality, profitability, and competitiveness.


Grocer's customers
Customers of "Grocer's IKE" company are selected HORECA Distribution Networks by region of Greece. They are partners with whom we keep honest long‐term relationships with respect and productive mood.